Our “constitutional law professor” President needs a remedial high school course on American government

Every time Republicans lead a “shut down” of federal government operations as leverage to seek reforms of national policy it tends to do more damage than good to the conservative movement.  The use of what actually are limited and partial interruptions of some government programs and services to stop implementation of nationalized heath care stands out as a singular failure for conservatives.  I opposed those shut downs as a matter of political strategy, but I supported the right of Republicans to take the political risks of disrupting the federal bureaucracy down if that is what their consciences called them to do.

Now that he at least for the time being has out-maneuvered the Republicans and forced them to surrender, President Obama wants the American people to believe it was morally wrong and constitutionally abnormal for, as he expressed it, “one political party in one house of one branch of the [...] Continue Reading…

Double standard of liberals and media on left wing and black racist hate speech is immoral

As someone who is not a racist and never has been a racist, who grew up in a home free of racial hate speech, I know racism when I see it. As someone who forgets that I have been in a successful “inter-racial” marriage for 36 years, who is so post-racial I don’t even think of my marriage as “inter-racial” unless someone reminds me, I know that there is no racist like a liberal racist.

Let’s take, for example, Biden’s 2008 remark about Obama being “clean and articulate,” revealing Biden’s white working class predisposition that most blacks are not, which explains his liberal guilt on race issues. Then there was Senate Majority Leader Reid’s slip of the tongue about Obama being more appealing “than most negroes” because he is light skinned, not dark, and speaks proper English instead of ebonics. That was racist enough to make any right wing redneck [...] Continue Reading…

“If Trayvon Martin were white…”

Obama’s rambling stream of consciousness statement on the Trayvon Martin case was nothing less than an apology to the race lobby for his inability to interpose federal power and condemn Zimmerman as a murderer by executive edict. In doing so, Mr. Obama insisted that black people somehow just know the shooting incident in which Trayvon Martin died “might” have ended differently if Martin was white.

Our nation’s President also argued that the “aftermath” would have been different if Martin were white.  Of course, the word “might” implies speculation rather than certainty, so the President really was just using his office to give odds that a white teenager would not have been shot under the same circumstances. Paradoxically, he also asserted that if a white teenager had been shot under the same circumstances the jury would have convicted the shooter.


Does the President think he has enough evidence of what happened to [...] Continue Reading…

Amazing racist political propaganda feats: Obama and Holder turn brown man white

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder performed an amazing feat when they both used their influence and power to encourage and help ensure George Zimmerman was classified as “White.”  Zimmerman also was labeled “White (partly Hispanic).” With the wave of the presidential wand, and the obedient propagation of a lie by the liberal press, a brown skinned man became a white man, in order to stage a racially inflammatory government manipulated show trial.

Once Zimmerman was turned white, Obama and Holder reportedly sent an FBI team down to Florida to gather and evaluate evidence that Zimmerman was motivated by racism and committed a federal crime by violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights because he was black.  Holder reportedly also let state officials know he was looking in a hyper-critical way at the investigative and prosecutorial procedures of the state and county criminal authorities.

Thus, it seems to be the case that [...] Continue Reading…

Jury discerned equivalencies between Zimmerman and Martin, but looked beyond race to decide the case based on fact and law

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had more in common than we might care to admit. There is equivalency between the two men that has been lost in the politically opportunistic exploitation of the life-shattering moment that erupted in rage and hysteria.

It goes far beyond the fact that Martin and Zimmerman both were using what many regard as racially charged language about one another on their cell phones moments before their violent confrontation. More significantly, they both feared one another for reasons that may have included but were not limited to the difference in their race.

Most importantly, they both were fallible, flawed and in some ways frustrated young men.  Both brought all the baggage of their lives and the times in which they lived to that ill-fated and tragic encounter, there in the shadows where their worlds collided. Both were in a sense ticking time bombs, but their internal detonators [...] Continue Reading…

Reassessing evangelical vision of immigration reform

Evangelical lobbying for “immigration reform” confuses scripture and secular law

By Howard Hills*

An ad hoc coalition of evangelical church leaders is lobbying with zeal in support of legalization and public benefits for unlawful migrants.  Like supporters of the border violator sanctuary movement, evangelicals endorsing blanket legalization are far less adamant about border security or fairness for aspiring newcomers waiting for lawful admission.  Such ambivalence about justice for all is not sustainable under scriptural doctrine or secular law.

Bible verses amnesty advocates invoke about compassion for foreigners focus on scripture not relevant to the status of those who come in violation of just secular law.  Indeed, the Bible admonishes obedience to secular ordinances unless there is scriptural justification for disobedience.  The Bible certainly does not call on Christians to oppose enforcement of secular law that justly distinguishes between those who come lawfully and those who trespass against the law of the land.

Some evangelical “immigration reform” [...] Continue Reading…

Immigration reform reset: A revised assessment

Flawed “reform” will intensify unlawful migration crisis

Open immigration under law and a tradition welcoming newcomers are pillars of our “nation of immigrants” heritage. This legacy of tolerance enabled America to absorb episodic waves of immigrants during European, Asian and Latin American migrations of the past.

Today we face a new reality. Never before has America been so overwhelmed by unrelenting waves of unlawful migrants. An unceasing and unmanageable mass migration is making demands on our social and economic capacity for “welcoming the stranger” that are not sustainable.

Before adopting what seems like expedient “immigration reform,” we need to rededicate our nation to the principle that all people coming to cast their lot with our people owe allegiance under law to our country, and also must have equal rights under its laws. Since slavery was ended the American people never again have given consent for our federal government to exercise sovereignty in [...] Continue Reading…

No First Amendment advocacy awards, no journalism or peace prizes, for Sarah Chayes

In a Washington Post editorial of May 31, (“Journalists seeking secrets should be willing to share the risks,”) Sarah Chayes tells us journalists sometimes asked her to use her access as an Obama Administration official in the Pentagon to provide the press with classified documents. Chayes says she replied incredulously, “Are you kidding me?” She then goes on to argue that when government investigators can prove it journalists who publish leaked information should be held criminally liable for conspiring with government officials to unlawfully disclose and enable unauthorized use of classified information.

Of course, if Chayes had her way in 1972, Woodward and Bernstein would have been arrested for conspiracy in the illegal leaking of information from an on-going federal criminal investigation by FBI employee and Nixon nemesis Mark Felt (AKA Deep Throat). There would have been prison sentences instead of the Pulitzer Prize for the Washington Post’s expose of [...] Continue Reading…

Too big to fail, too rich for jail

Holder admits the Obama Administration made sure the wealthiest Americans pay “their fair share” of taxes, but also ensured that rich and powerful Wall Street bankers are less likely than poor and middle class Americans to see the inside of a federal prison

Consider the following National Public Radio report:

“At a Senate hearing in Washington on March 6, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to senators why it has been hard to go after big bank executives:

‘It does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy. And I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large.’”

The mainstream media hardly noticed what amounts to a policy of selectively granting immunity from [...] Continue Reading…

Where is intrepid Watergate investigative reporter Bob Woodward on Holder surveillance of the free press?

The reason Woodward and Bernstein “protected their source” and made “Deep Throat” a deep and dark secret is that their FBI informant would have gone to jail if he was caught leaking information on the FBI investigation of Watergate. Of course, Woodward and Bernstein might have gone to jail too, for conspiracy in the crimes of Deep Throat which they aided and abetted, receiving stolen property and disclosing unlawfully obtained material relating to a federal criminal investigation. If Nixon Attorney General Mitchell had been as ruthless as Holder it might have gone very badly for the Washington Post team being spoon-fed by an FBI insider. Talk about leaks.

When the identity of “Deep Throat” was revealed he was treated like a hero by the press, because of his role in bringing down a U.S. president, which journalists regard as the greatest moment in that profession’s history.  The double standard is astounding, [...] Continue Reading…

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